Welcome to the Caradimas Family web server

Hi, my name is John Caradimas and I am married to Lena.

I was born in 1957 at Pireaus, Greece and I worked for more than 20 years, in Information Technology and telecoms.

Hi, I am Lena Onufriyenko and I am married to John.

I was born in 1967 at Kirovograd, Ukraine and I am a massagiste.

We got married in 2000 and we currently live in the southern suburbs of Athens, Greece.

We have three sons, Sergios (born in 1986) and Jim and Alex, born in 2002. Yes, they are twins.

Jim Sergios Alex

We welcome you to our little corner in the Internet. This is still a very young web server, which we plan to enhance with more features soon. Until then, you can visit some sites we like:

  • If you like gadgets, like we do, you should visit Apple's web site. Our house is full of their products and we love them.
  • If you like the Greek Islands, you may visit our Kefalonia web page.

If you are interested in photography, here are some sites that you may want to visit.

  • In case you were wondering what cameras I like and use go here.
  • One of the best discussion areas about photography is Nikon Cafe.
  • If you still own a Nikon F2 SLR camera or if you cherrish old cameras, this link will take you to the site of an amazing craftman, a Nikon F2 restorator, Sover Wong. I got my 30 years old camera from him and it was like new. It works like a charm, even at the full blast of 5 fps that this baby can reach with the proper motor drive.
  • In this site, you will find all you ever wanted to know about flashes.

Some other interesting sites:

  • More for those gadget-freaks among you here and here.
  • If you like pistols, you may visit John's current business, the M1911.ORG.