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Kefalonia June 2009

Here are some pictures from our recent R&R in Kefalonia.

The small port of Kyllini where we took the ship from.

Alex, being quiet for a few moments (as long as the pacman game lasted on the iPhone).

Lena showing off her manicure.

A view of the ship's internal space.

This is a view from the port of Poros, where the ship arrives.

Next day, we rented a small boat and we explored the southern area of the island. Yours truly acting as the captain.

Some caves we spotted along our way.

One of the deserted beaches we visited. There were several of them, with no road access, so we were all alone there. In one of them, we met with some Italians, they had crossed the Ionian sea with their boat.

Another beach.

The kids were thrilled that they could play with the boat. We loved it too, since they stopped bothering us, while they pretended to be pirates or whatever.

Lena fished this up in one of the beaches. It was alive so we returned it to the sea after a cursory examination.

Lena and Alex enjoying the water.

Next day, we went to the village of Skala, a place totally occupied by English tourists. I think that most people working there are English too, but I can't ... prove it.

Here is Skala's beach, that's the beach where we were stuck last year with the Jeep.

An experience I do not want to remember.

Who said that Earth is flat???

And the other side of that beach.

We returned to our residence at Lourdata, where we had arranged for a Lobster spaghetti. It was delicious. The friend who hepled us eat the lobster, Irina, has a house on the island so she invited us to visit her next day.

That's her house.

Lena and the kids enjoying the pool.

Another view of the house.

Irina and Lena preparing some BBQ.

And the place where we enjoyed the steaks and the local wine.

Irina's house in the evening........

... and in the morning after our morning coffee.

Next day we decided to explore the northern part of the island, which lead us past the world-famous beach of Myrtos.

I do not remember the title of the film that was produced there, with Nicholas Cage, it was something like "The mandoline of Lieutenant Corelli" or something like that.

We ended up in a small bay near Fiskardo, where we spend some hours swimming.

That was the first time I saw people using a sun blocking lotion on their feet!!! LoRL

That ... boat and the ... umbrella draw my attention.

Lena snapped that picture as we were returning to our residence one afternoon.

And some pictures of some flowers ourside the apartment we rented.

The last view of Kefalonia for this year, as we were returning home.

The ship taking us home.

During our stay in Kefalonia, we were witnesses of a very unfortunate accident. During a brush fire near the village of Katelios, the pilot of one small fire-fighting planes hit some power wires and crash landed in the yard of a house.

The heroic pilot did all he could to avoid hitting some nearby houses and he crashed his small plane in the yard of one of them, killing himself in the process.


In the slide shown in the above link, you can see how close to the houses the small plane crashed.

God Speed Col. Kotoulas.

(The pictures are courtesy of kefalloniapress.gr)