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Kefalonia July 2010

The Caradimas family went for some short R&R last week. The "Master" of the house (that's Lena, of course) decided that she likes Kefalonia enough, to go there for a third year. So rooms were booked and the Grand Cherokee loaded to capacity (the kids had about 4 bags full of toys, the ... photographer of the family had two more) and all six of us left for the nice Ionian Sea island.

Why six? Well, this year, we had with us my mother-in-law and my mother.

Here are some family pictures from our vacations.

The house we stay in, is a lovely little one (about 10 rooms), in the beautiful Lourdas beach, which is located at the southern coast of Kefalonia, at the feet of Mount Ainos.

The house is 50 meters from the sea and here is the view from our porch.

Of course, Alex inaugurated the vacations period, by the first dive in the pool (against every safety rule).

Jim was quick to follow.

Pretty soon, they had organized the pool to serve them as a playground.

The first day was spend more or less around the pool and at the beach.

At the afternoon, we of course visited our favorite tavern. "Klimatis" has some of the best food you can find, not only in Kefalonia but in the whole Greece.

And let's not forget this cat, who for the last three years we go to that place, always comes and welcomes us. This year she was pregnant.

In this picture, you can see Mount Ainos (about 1700 m) above the beach. The mountain helps reduce northern winds so the beach is not affected by them. Next day, we visited another near-by beach.

It's a large (length-wise beach), but due to the bad road leading to it, it is usually deserted. When we went there, there were only a couple of more families enjoying it.

The kids had most of the fun.

On the way back, we passed from the ruins of an old monastery, where we snapped this picture.

Next day, we visited some friends in Lyxouri, another town on the island. We drove to another beautiful beach, called St. Helen's.

It was somewhat difficult to arrive at the above spot but that was well-worth it.

Alex practicing his jumps.

A small area of that beach formed a nice lagoon.

Jim pretending to be fishing.

And of course, Alex had to get jealous.

Some brave local youngsters were showing off for their girls.

Yours truly on the boat with my mother-in-law, on the way back to our house.

Why is this guy laughing, looking in my camera bag? "Stupid dad, he is carrying all those things around!".

Lena and her mother on the way back.

The rest of the days were spend mostly in Lourdas, enjoying the beach, which of course made Lena quite happy.

While the kids enjoyed the pool with some friends they made.

Thank you Kefalonia, you treated us well this year too.