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Kefalonia July-August 2008

This was our first visit to the island of Kefalonia, in the Ionian sea. A visit that was going to make us love the island and its people, and go back again and again. Here are some pictures from that visit, for your viewing.

Waiting for our ship to depart from Kylini port, another ship was arriving.

The twins had to visit the bridge, of course, so we took them there. The 2nd captain was kind enough to allow us to take their picture on the wheel.

Just before this trip, Jim had requested a real camera. Instead of buying him one of the stupid cameras the Fischer-Price sells for 80€ (a one megapixel camera), I got him a Polaroid 7 MPx one, for 70€ and he used it through-out are short R&R with some nice results.

Arriving at Kefalonia.

This little water-front cafe, is the first thing you notice, as the ship enters Poros harbor.

Several yatchs were in the harbor.

As soon as we arrived at the small apartments house we have rented a room from, the kids went directly to the pool.

This is Spartia, one of the nicest beaches on the island. Never crowded, the sea is great!

This is Myrtos, a world-famous beach. We didn't like it so much, the sea is quite deep, as soon as you walk in, which is dangerous for the kids. And it usually is quite windy there, so the sea is mostly troubled and not clear. Lena who likes to snorkel, didn't like it a bit.

Some more pictures from Myrtos beach.

Another beach, whose name I do not recall, but it is a famous one. A film with Nicholas Cage was filmed there, "The mandoline of Captain Corelli".

Another beach I do not recall its name. There is only one dirt road leading to it, and it is not well taken care of, so a 4x4 is usually advisable for reaching it. There are not many places to park at the end of the road, so not too many people get there. Which means the few lucky ones who do manage to pass the dirt road and find a parking space, enjoy the whole beach.

An experience I do not like to remember. This happened at Skala, a nice village by the sea, which is crowded with English tourists. Lena insisted that I take our new (at that time) Jeep Grand Cherokee near the sea front. Unfortunately, we got stuck! I spend the next four hours trying to get the truck unstuck from the sand (the local AAA truck was unable to come close enough to pull us out, another 4x4 which came to help almost got stuck itself too, and finally a bulldozer owner was good enough to pull us out, at a cost of 100€). Not funny.

One evening, we were enjoying some champagne on our veranda, when Lena went in the room and came out laughing. I went in and found the twins in that position. As if someone had posed them like that!!!

This is the last picture from our visit to Kefalonia, as the ship is leaving from Poros harbor, to take us back to Kylini.

So long Kefalonia, we'll come back again!